ICNC circulates a selective digest of world news related to past, present and potential nonviolent conflicts, including active civilian-based struggles against oppressive regimes, nonviolent resistance, political and social dissidence, and the use of nonviolent tactics in a variety of causes. We also include stories that help readers glimpse the larger context of a conflict and that reflect on past historical struggles.

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If you have specific news items that you would like us to include in the news digest, please don’t hesitate to send them to us! If there is a news or information source that you believe we should review when selecting new digest articles, please bring that to our attention.

Please also note that each story is provided because it contains factual or analytical information related to a nonviolent action, campaign or movement, or its overall context, and its inclusion does not necessarily indicate that ICNC embraces or accepts any ideological or political view which might also be expressed in that story.