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Mina Yousefi

Mina Yousefi is an Iranian journalist and academic. She has been working in investigative journalism for more than 12 years focusing on civil society and governance. During the last three years, she has been researching corruption in Iran and the way this phenomenon has been changing civil dynamics. She has a Master’s in sociology and currently is pursuing a Master’s in Sustainable International Development at Brandeis University (USA), where she continues her research on corruption and other fields of inquiry. Mina is a 2014 ICNC Summer Institute alumna. So far, she has published a number of stories and articles about NGOs and now is conducting research on corruption in NGOs.

Writings from Mina Yousefi


Movement Commentary

From Anti-Corruption Demands to Fundamental Reforms: Achievements of Iraq’s Current Uprising

Iraqis began showing their outrage in October 2019 as unemployment and poverty set root in many areas of the country, months after the government announced a controversial economic reform. Thousands have been participating in sit-ins in Tahrir and many other squares in Baghdad, Basra, as well as other areas in the southern governorates. They are outraged over almost two decades of corruption and poor public services. […]

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Ideas & Trends

Protest is Not Enough: Nonviolent Struggles against Corruption in Nigeria and Romania

Anti-corruption movements, campaigns, and civic initiatives have become a familiar phenomenon in civil resistance and reform-oriented uprisings in many countries, particularly in the Global South. But what specific tactics and broader approach can people utilize to turn an anti-corruption movement into real change?

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Movement Commentary

Protesting Corruption in Iran: Real Demands for Real Change

December 28 marks the one-year anniversary of a new wave of civil resistance in Iran, that had been brewing in various towns and cities around the country since the 2009 Green Revolution. Corruption and economic hardship—although not entirely new problems—are the two main grievances that link the past year’s demonstrations […]

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