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Omar Lopez

Omar Lopez is President of the Latin American Center for Nonviolence and Human Rights Director at the Cuban American National Foundation. Previously, he worked as a radio talk show host with Radio Television Marti for 25 years. He is a regular contributor to a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites on human rights, literature, and international relations.

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Los Movimientos Latinoamericanos Comprometidos con la Disciplina Noviolenta, Desplazándose a Canales Institucionales

La pandemia de este año no ha impedido a la gente en América Latina agruparse y empujar por sus agendas de derechos, justicia y democracia. En algunos casos, el mal manejo o la inacción con relación al COVID-19 incluso provocó demostraciones masivas, como fue el caso de Brasil. Pero esta no es la única tendencia en términos de resistencia civil que se puede identificar en la región este año. Aunque la violencia permanece como el instrument a elegir por muchos grupos no estatales, por amplio margen, el estereotipo del guerrillero con un fusil como símbolo del luchador por la libertad, el cual ha plagado la conciencia colectiva de Latinoamérica por décadas,[…]

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Top 10 Civil Resistance Stories of 2020 - Looking Forward

#10: Latin America’s Movements Commit to Nonviolent Discipline, Shift Toward Institutional Channels

The pandemic this year hasn’t stopped people in Latin America from gathering and pushing for their rights, justice, and democracy agendas. In some cases, government mismanagement or inaction on COVID-19 even provoked mass demonstrations, as was the case in Brazil. Yet this is not the only civil resistance trend one may identify in the region this year. Although violence remains an instrument of choice for many non-state groups, by and large, the stereotype of the armed guerrilla fighter as the symbol of a freedom fighter, which has plagued the collective conscience of Latin America for centuries, […]

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Ideas & Trends

“Revolutionizing” Revolution: A New Path for Political Change in Latin America

The term “Revolution” has ceased being associated uniquely with bloody revolts that generally end up with new dictatorships in power, and has become a synonym of truly mass movements with poetic names, capable of paving the road to lasting democracies. Latin America is not exempt from this reality, in spite of all stereotypes that try to restrict and disqualify the development of strategic nonviolent action on our continent. […]

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